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Besides the strict safety requirements, the great number of products and requirements for storage and transport make delivery chains in the chemical industry very complex. The market is becoming ever more global. It demands agile and flexible supply chains, high delivery reliability at steadily increasing speed and quality of the services.

The professional handling of goods is at the focus. Human and environmental safety must be ensured at all stages during transportation. Storage and transport of chemicals require both profound logistic know-how and excellent industry expertise.

Requirements in the chemical industry

  • Safety: Production, handling and storage of hazardous goods
  • Precision: Safe handling of valuable materials
  • A single point of contact: Complex corporate structures in search of dedicated contact partners
  • Ex-protection: Flammable gasses and dusts in the atmosphere

Most used trucks

Кој е Вашиот предизвик?

Дали барате решение за предизвик со кој се соочувате во Вашата компанија? Дали Ви е потребен доверлив партнер за претстоен проект? Контактирајте не. 


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