Eurovision Song Contest

Event logistics for the Eurovision Song Contest

Challenge: In order to get a show like the Eurovision Song Contest on its feet, strong and sensitive trucks are needed, which can lift up to 5 tons at a time. 

Solution: 12 STILL rental trucks from Germany support the entire event logistics of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku. 

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Every year, the Eurovision Song Contest enthuses millions of people across Europe. In order to be able to offer a perfect show on the day of the event, the logistic preparations at the venue began at an early stage.

At this stage, great amounts of materials had to be transported, lifted and assembled. In order to do this, strong and at the same time precise trucks, which can lift up to five tons at a time, were needed. A total of twelve diesel trucks from the STILL rental fleet supported the action.

Since the number and the quality of trucks available on-site was not sufficient, the rental trucks for this order were specially supplied by STILL Germany and were transported to Baku by lorry. Experts from the TV production company Brainpool TV took over the trucks on site, unloaded the lorries with the trucks and mounted platforms as well as camera, lighting and sound equipment. Of course the trucks also supported the removal of the equipment after the event, before the twelve trucks returned to Germany.

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